Protocol of the 43rd general meeting of the GfKl Data Science Society e.V. in Bayreuth on 19.3.2019

By | 26. March 2019

Dear Members and Friends of the GfKl,

at the 43rd annual conference of the GfKl Data Science Society eV and the fifth European Conference on Data Analysis in Bayreuth (see the 43rd General Assembly took place on March 19, 2019 from 16:45 to 18:45 University of Bayreuth.

A new board with Prof. Dr. Adalbert Wilhelm as chairman was elected, whom we congratulate on the part of the GfKl-Website team on this way to this election.

Mr Lausen and Mr Baier had already announced at the last general meeting that they no longer want to run for office on the basis of other commitments. The GfKl-Website team thanks the old board for the successful work and wishes the new board a great success.

Further information can be found in the linked protocol.