Decimal Classification

General Information

The working group decimal classification(AG DK) promotes the exchange of experience and information on questions concerning decimal classification. This includes the use of decimal classification in computer-supported library systems, internet-based specialist information systems, and cooperative classifica- tion-related material development.
Other main topics of the AG DK are the promotion of the Universal Decimal Classification (UDK) and the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), as well as the concordance between decimal classification and other classifications.

The working group meets once a year within the framework of the annual conference of the GfKl, together with the AG BIB in public sessions. In addition, regular professional contacts are held between the members. Furthermore the lectures of the librarian working groups are regularly published.

Leader of AG DK:

Dr. Bernd Lorenz
Fachhochschule für Öffentliche Verwaltung und Rechtspflege
Fachbereich Archiv- und Bibliothekswesen
Königinstraße 11
D-80539 München

Tel.: +49 89 287246712

Deputy-Leaders of AG DK:

Dr. Monika Lösse
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek – Standort Leipzig
Deutscher Platz 1
D-04103 Leipzig

Tel. +49 341 2271-582

Dr. Jiri Pika
ETH-Bibliothek Zürich
Rämistr. 101
CH-8092 Zürich

Tel.: +41 1 632 67 17

Organization Form of the DK

The workgroup DIN-NABD 12.2, which was established as a DIN standard committee from 1979-1991, was the forerunner of the working group AG-DK, which had been established at the GfKl since 1992. The co-operation in the AG can be announced by an informal letter to the head of the AG. Membership in the GfKl is desirable, but not condition.The AG does not levy a membership fee. On the occasion of the annual meeting within the framework of the anniversary of the GfKl, upcoming questions will be discussed and the work program will be defined. The leader and his deputies are elected every 4 years in a general meeting.