Data Analysis and Classification in Marketing


General Information

The AG MARKETING is a working group of the Data Science Society (GfKl), which deals in research or practice with problems of data analysis and classification in marketing.


The AG MARKETING focuses on quantitative marketing research and bundles the competencies of scientists and practitioners from the marketing sector. In particular, modeling approaches, the development of advanced quantitative methods for data analysis in the marketing context, and the application of such methods to solve relevant practical problems form the core content of the AG MARKETING.

The Research Area of AG MARKETING

The increasing availability of marketing data poses great challenges to marketing managers today. In particular, marketing managers are expected to make informed marketing decisions based on marketing data. For decision support, marketing data (market data and data from experiments on varying aggregation levels) build the input for marketing models.

The development of powerful models and the preceding investigation of markets or consumer preferences are, therefore, indispensable requirements for successful marketing decisions. Important fields of research include, for example, the development of marketing theories as well as the modeling and testing of these theories using empirical data. Furthermore, the continuous further development of advanced techniques for data analysis and classification is essential.

Main interests and topics of the AG MARKETING

  • Quantitative-empirical marketing research
  • Quantitative models in marketing
  • Marketing theory and concept development
  • Advanced data analysis techniques with marketing application
  • Classification procedures with marketing application
  • Market simulations and optimization methods in the marketing context

Activities of AG MARKETING

Besides special meetings during the annual conference of the GfKl, the AG MARKETING will organize independent workshops.

1st Working Group Meeting of AG MARKETING, 14.-15.11.2019, Karlsruhe

2nd Working Group Meeting of AG MARKETING, 17.-18.08.2020, virtual

3rd Working Group Meeting of AG MARKETING, 7.-9.07.2021, virtual

4th Working Group Meeting of AG MARKETING (AG MARKETING meets AG DANK), 7.-8.10.2022, Clausthal-Zellerfeld

5th Working Group Meeting of AG MARKETING, 23.-24.11.2023, virtual




Selected conference contributions from special interest groups at the annual meetings of GfKl and independent workshops of the working group are published in „Special Issues“:

Form of Organization AG MARKETING

The AG MARKETING is designed as a formal working group of the Data Science Society (GfKl). The participation in the working group can be declared to the current leader of the AG MARKETING by an informal letter – also by E-Mail ( Formal membership in the GfKl is desired but not a requirement for participation in the working group. AG MARKETING does not charge a membership fee. The head and deputy head are elected every three years at a general meeting of the AG Marketing at the annual conference of the GfKl. Since November 2019 the AG MARKETING is led by PD Dr. Friederike Paetz, Clausthal University of Technology, and by Prof. Dr. Daniel Guhl, Humboldt University Berlin, as deputy head.



PD Dr. Friederike Paetz

Clausthal University of Technology

Clausthal Executive School

Albrecht-von-Groddecl-Straße 7

38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Tel.: +49 5323 727910


Deputy head of AG MARKETING:

Prof. Dr. Raoul Kübler

Associate Professor of Marketing

ESSEC Business School, Cergy

Marketing Department

3, Avenue Bernard Hirsch

95021 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex


Tel: + 33 (0) 1 34 43 97 03