Annual Report of the Working Group for Classification and Data Analysis in Bio Sciences (AG BT)

By | 11. January 2019

The AG Biostatistik (AG BT) of GfKl together with the AG Statistical Computing (AG SC) of the German Society of Deutschen Gesellschaft für Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie e.V. and the International Biometric Society DR (GMDS / IBS-DR) celebrated its 50th joint workshop Castle Reisensburg (Günzburg). From July 8 until July 11, 2018 more than 40 visitors participated. The history of the workshop was commemorated in a solemn jubilee presentation by Allmut Hörmann (Munich), a member of the first hour.

The cornerstones of the scientific program were the invited speakers Rolf Backofen (Freiburg) with the topic “Computational Genomics: Informatics Problems and Applications in Life Sciences” and Jan Beyersmann (Ulm) with the topic “Sampling and re-sampling complex time-to-event data: beyond standard cohort and standard bootstrap “.

They were supported by the invited newcomers Jennifer Pohle (Bielefeld) and Maike Hohberg (Göttingen) and 21 regular lectures. The hands-on tutorial by Phil Bowsher (Indianapolis) on the R Extensions “Shiny” and “R Markdown” received widespread approval.

The next conference on Reisensburg Castle is scheduled from June 30 until July 3, 2019. The invited speakers are Joachim Buhmann (Zurich), Christiane Fuchs (Bielefeld), Annika Hoyer (Dusseldorf), Nadja Klein (Berlin) and Nikolaus Umlauf (Innsbruck). Another highlight of the event will be a hands-on tutorial on Scalable Automatic Machine Learning with H2O. As before, there will be a special issue of selected contributions.