Minutes of the Annual General Meeting in Wroclaw on 27th September 2017

By | 25. October 2017

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Dear members and friends of the GfKl,
The 41st anniversary of the GfKl took place from 27.9. (ECDA 2017) with more than 300 participants (see http://ecda2017.ue.wroc.pl/) until 29.9.2017 in Wrocław, Poland, as the 4th European Conference on Data Analysis 2017 (ECDA 2017). The conference was held at the Wrocław University of Economics, one of the highest-ranking economic universities in Poland and a major research center.

Joint organizers of the conference were

  • SKAD (Section on Classification and Data Analysis of the Polish Statistical Association),
  • EuADS (European Association for Data Science),
  • GfKl (Society for Classification – Data Science Society),
  • CLADAG (Classification and Data Analysis Group of the Italian Statistical Society),
  • BCS (British Classification Society).

The anniversary was very well attended, with a total of 114 lectures in up to four parallel sections, including a total of seven plenary and semi-plenary lectures: Berthold Lausen „Ensemble methods in classification and clustering“, Miroslaw Szrender „Will Big Data effect opionion polls“, Andrzej Dudek „Cluster analysis as a field of big data analysis“, Cinzia Viroli „Deep Gaussian mixture models“, Slawomir Smiech „Are the clusters in financial assets volatiliy spillovers?“, Dominik Rozkrut „Challenges and opportunities of big data in official statistics in Poland“, Christian Hennig „Using model-based clustering for clustering data that doesn’t follow the model“.

The 41st Annual General Meeting of the GfKl took place during the anniversary.
With this link, you can download the minutes of the Annual General Meeting.

Prior to the annual general meeting the 4th German-Polish Symposium on Data Analysis and its Applications took place at Wrocław University of Economics from 25.9. until 26.9.2017. In 16 lectures, current developments in data science were presented and intensively discussed. This seminar was also a success and very well attended (more than 60 participants).
Important upcoming upcoming meetings are the following (see protocol for further information):

  • ECDA2018 in Paderborn, Germany (4-6 July 2018),
  • ECDA2019 and DAGStat2019 in Munich, Germany (18-22 March 2019),
  • IFCS2019 in Thessaloniki, Greece (26-29 August 2019) and
  • ECDA2020 in Naples, Italy (before September, 2020).