(British) Classification Society celebrates 50-year existence

By | 18. April 2014

On 17 April 1964 the (British) Classification Society was founded in Cambridge, UK. Aim was “to promote co-operation and interchange of views between those interested in the principles and practice of classification in a wide range of disciplines.” The foundation followed a Symposium on 6 April, 1962, entitled “Classification: an inter-disciplinary problem”, at which it became clear that “there were many aspects of classification common to such widely separated disciplines as biology, librarianship, soil science, and anthropology, and that opportunities for joint discussion would be of value to all the disciplines concerned.”

The (British) Classification Society celebrates the 50th Anniversary by a meeting (see www.brclasssoc.org.uk) on Wednesday 9 July 2014 for 2 pm to 6.30pm hosted by the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Essex.

The (German) Classification Society (GfKl) wishes all the best and especially for the next 50 years maximum success as well!