EuADS Online Symposium Data, Social Media and Society

By | 5. Juli 2021

== EuADS Online Symposium Data, Social Media and Society ==
Monday 19 July 2021 (via Cisco Webex) starting at 15h00
Organised by the European Association for Data Science (LINK)

We are excited to announce that

* **Alex „Sandy“ Pentland, Toshiba Professor at MIT**

and one of the most-cited computational scientists in the world and entrepreneur, will be delivering the
2021 Sabine Krolak-Schwerdt lecture. Sabine was the founding President of the European Association for Data
Science, until she passed away in late 2017.

== Title ==
Understanding Human Network Behavior: Ideas for reforming social media

=== Abstract ===
Recent large-scale experiments have given us quantitative models of human decision making that allow
predictive modeling of crowd behavior across many situations. These models suggest ways of reforming
social media that go beyond suppression of fake news and bots, and have proven track records in other
digital platforms. Two innovations in particular appear to be critical: unique, reliable identity, and
use-specific reputation mechanisms.

Attendance of the Public Symposium on 19 Juy 2021 is free, but a registration is required:

* Serge Allegrezza (STATEC, Luxembourg; EuADS Treasurer)
* Matthias Boehmer (U Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
* Reinhold Decker (U Bielefeld, Germany; EuADS Vice-President)
* Andreas Geyer-Schultz (KIT, Germany)
* Nils Hachmeister (U Bielefeld, Germany; EuADS Vice-President)
* Marc Pauly (STATEC, Luxembourg)
* Denise Schroeder (STATEC, Luxembourg)
* Myra Spiliopoulou (U Magdeburg, Germany)