Data Analysis and Numerical Classification

General Information

The AG DANK is a working group of the German classification society GfKl. As indicated by its name, the group works on the statistical analysis of data in a broad sense with a focus on classification (supervised and unsupervised). The AG DANK has members from many areas and is interested in all applications of data analysis in research, business and engineering and in the exchange between different fields and between recent research in data analysis and the areas of application. The AG DANK was founded in 1979 and has currently about 200 members. In order to become a member, just write an email to the chair.

The AG DANK organises sessions of presentations on the annual conferences of the GfKl and its own meetings, traditionally in autumn (Herbsttagungen). These meetings have changing focus topics. Usually there are 10-40 participants and lots of opportunity for exchange and discussion. Typically a data set is provided before the conference, and then analyses are presented during the conference by participants.

More detailed informations are here (German only, sorry).


Chair of the AG-DANK:

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Gero Szepannek

Hochschule Stralsund

Zur Schwedenschanze 15
18435 Stralsund

Tel: +49 3831 45 6672

Current Conferences

AG DANK Herbsttagung in  Frankfurt

Last Conferences

AG DANK Herbsttagung 2022 in Clausthal-Zellerfeld

AG DANK Herbsttagung 2021 in Bielefeld

AG DANK Herbsttagung 2019 in Dortmund

AG DANK Herbsttagung 2018 in Stralsund

AG DANK Herbsttagung 2017 in Bremen

AG DANK Herbsttagung 2016 in Berlin

AG DANK Herbsttagung 2015 in Karlsruhe

AG DANK Herbsttagung 2014 in München

AG DANK/BCS Herbsttagung 2013 in London

AG CAA/AG DANK Herbsttagung 2012 in Bonn

AG DANK Herbsttagung 2011 in Düsseldorf