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ECDA 2019 took place in Bayreuth, Germany. The UNESCO World Cultural Heritage provides a unique mix of cultural richness and premium class leisure facilities. The conference was located at the University of Bayreuth, more precisely in the Faculty of Law, Business and Economics I.


The University of Bayreuth is a dynamic and research-oriented campus university. It provides sustainable education through science and research-based teaching. In excellently designated disciplines and in strategically selected profile fields, the university offers best study conditions to students from Germany and abroad is highly attractive to researchers from all over the world. In doing so, it acts aggressively in regional, national and international competition and has a focused internationalization strategy. The University of Bayreuth cooperates with universities, colleges and non-university research institutions worldwide and promotes the dialogue between science and society.

Campus Map: www.uni-bayreuth.de/de/universitaet/kontakt_campusplan/campusplan/campusplan-grafiken/Campusplan_4c-en.pdf

Points of interests are the „Mensa“ (Lunch) and the „RW I“ Building (Registration, Talks, Coffee)

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Floor plan of the Faculty of Law, Business and Economics ©University of Bayreuth


Mensa building “Frischraum” and various places in the Faculty of Law, Business and Economics Faculty ©University of Bayreuth



Bayreuth is a city that has historically grown as a Margravial Residence and is in the meantime world famous because of the Richard Wagner Festival. It is the largest city in Upper Franconia. Today, it is a modern Economic, Congress and University City that is on it´s way to becoming a High-Tech Centre of the region. Bayreuth’s places of interest, it´s Museums and its diversity of cultural offers promises exciting days throughout the year.

Cultural Richness

Bayreuth has the most beautiful preserved Baroque Theatre in Europe with the Margravial Opera House. It is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 2012. In 2014 it was elected on the list of the TOP 100 attractions in Germany. Charming castles, the historical Eremitage Park with its dreamy grottos and fountains, the Festival Theatre with its unique acoustics, as well as a variety of interesting museums awaits you. Numerous music and theatre festivals provide cultural experience at it´s highest level.

Premium Class Leisure Facilities

Bayreuth has top class leisure facilities, so for example the ‘the feel good’ oasis, the Lohengrin Thermal Spa, in immediate vicinity of the Eremitage and to an 18-hole golf course. Well-kept hotels and inns invite you to relax and forget about your daily routines. Franconian and international restaurants provide a variety of culinary delights.

Lohengrin thermal spring. © Lohengrin Therme Lohengrin thermal spring. © Lohengrin Therme


With the flyers provided by the Bayreuth Marketing & Tourismus GmbH you can get a comprehensive impression of the cultural and social offers of the city of Bayreuth:


Citymap with (Conference) Points of Interest

Culture, Nature & Enjoyment

Famous Composer Richard Wagner in Bayreuth

Maisel’s Bier-Erlebnis-Welt (German only)


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